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Event: In the Heights, the musical

Atlantis Productions and The LiST Group

proudly present


September 2, 2011
Carlos P. Romulo Theater, RCBC Plaza

Broadway’s most refreshing musical comes to Manila in its first ever run! Winner of 4 Tony Awards in 2008 including Best Musical and Best Choreography, In The Heights has definitely captured the hearts of millions around the world with its touching story and great musical beats!

In The Heights tells the story of a vibrant community in Manhattan’s Washington Heights – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet and the rhythm of generations of music can be heard everywhere. It’s a neighborhood on the brink of change, armored with dreams and pressures and the biggest challenges are that of deciding which traditions to fulfill and pursue, and which ones to forget and leave behind.

Ticket Prices
Orchestra Center P1,700
Orchestra Side P1,600
Loge P1,300
Loge Back/Side P800
Balcony P700

For tickets, call The LiST Group at +63917.8171954 or +63917.8392627 or email them at

For more information regarding the story and characters, or details on the location, visit or or


See you at the opening night of IN THE HEIGHTS!


Event: Arrow Philippines 10th Anniversary Raffle



> Get one (1) raffle coupon with every Php3000 single-receipt purchase, cash or credit. Valid for boutique purchases only.

> Customer must legibly write his/her full name, complete address, landline and mobile numbers, email address and affix signature on the raffle coupon stub and drop it in designates boxes at all ARROW boutiques nationwide.

> Promo runs from August 1 to October 31, 2010. Deadline for submission of entries is on October 31, 2010.

> Raffle will be held on November 14, 2010 in the presence of a DTI representative.


Contest: 1st Nationwide Cyberzone Cosplay Tour

Please take note of the deadline for registration if you’re interested in participating.

Full Mechanics here.

Register here.


Event: Dokissaten Cafe goes Coffee Prince

Dokissaten Cafe goes Coffee Prince at the Kpop and Culture Fest on August 8, 2010. Serving you 10am-830pm at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall, Building A.

Date/Time: August 8, 2010, 10am-830pm

Venue: Kpop and Culture Fest at SM Megamall

Visit Dokissaten’s site.

Update as of August 7, 2010:

From the Dokissaten Cafe team:

Due to unforseen circumstances, we will be withdrawing our participation from the K-Pop and Culture Fest. In order to provide the quality service we are known to deliver, we will be postponing our Coffee Prince event to a later date.

To answer some questions sent to our previous post:

- Yes, we’ll still have the same staff in this event, as well as new trainees.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to give updates on this soon!




15 January 2010

Metro Manila and the entire Philippines were caught off guard last September 26, 2009 when Typhoon Ondoy suddenly struck. It was recorded to be the Tropical Depression with the worst rainfall to hit Manila, leaving hundreds and thousands of people without shelter, food, and clothing.

Right after Ondoy & Pepeng, thousands of volunteers from all walks of life gathered together to aid and assist those in need. Women were first to respond. Evacuation centers, packing centers and soup kitchens quickly filled with women who were armed and ready to help in every which way they can. It was their love, care and kindness that inspired more people to come out and help too.

But despite this initial outpour of concern, 57,000 families are still living in evacuation centers scattered all throughout Luzon. More than 30,000 of the displaced are women. Christmas and New Year have come and gone, and life in the evacuation centers have worsened. Their health and well-being have suffered tremendously, having poor and limited access to water, shelter, health care and clothing.

Inspired by that first wave of women volunteers, Modess is taking up the challenge for continued care for our displaced sisters in need. 30,000 comfort kits – much needed packets of feminine care – will be distributed across the 220 evacuation centers still in operation.

Modess has set up a Facebook group where female volunteers can sign up for a comfort kit to be given in their name. Every sign up means one more comfort kit donated.

With only its first month in operation, the Modess Angels group page has already reached more than 30,000 Angels, and will continue to grow in the next days. The Facebook group has also become a hub for more information on the evacuation centers, a support system for women volunteers and an all-around community of of sisterhood, sharing, fun and love. After all, the need for female empowerment & volunteering never ends. The Modess Angels are women who make a difference, not only during these troubled times, but with her self, her family and her community as well.

It doesn’t take an army to rebuild a nation. It takes Angels.


Modess Angels Press Release


A vote for Earth

Earth Hour

It’s about 50 minutes until the Philippines officially participates in Earth Hour. You know, at first it didn’t strike me as anything big or anything that  I thought mattered to a lot of people. But as today came closer and closer, I was able to see the participation of many people as well as many tv shows. On cable, many of the shows I watch will not be airing anything in participation of this momentous event. At home as well, me and my family will be participating in Earth Hour by having a candlelit dinner and switching off all our lights. Many friends of mine on plurk as well will be participating in this event, with many of us (especially my friends who blog) who are blogging about this event.

It’s nice to see people around the world coming together to care about Mother Earth. Despite what many people say about this hardly making any effect, since an hour is only an hour out of 24 hours in a day, and out of 365 days (8760hours) in a year, making the effort to switch off one’s lights for an hour is surely a big thing. And even if we switch off our lights only for an hour out of 8760 hours in a year, I am sure Mother Earth will appreciate the effort we’re making. I am also sure that even an hour, will help Mother Earth stay clean and green a little longer~ :)

Quoting from the official Earth Hour website,

“In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet. Over 74 countries and territories have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009, and this number is growing everyday.”

So Vote Earth now and help Mother Nature stay clean and green a little longer. Turn off your lights from 830pm-930pm (your local time).


Interview: China Capay (Tuxedo Team)

The interview with the Tuxedo Team has been long overdue, and since I hate procrastinating too much, I’ve decided to post the interviews as they go. In this post, I had a short email correspondence with Tuxedo Team member China Capay and sent her an email arranging for an online interview. As follows is the flow of the interview. Enjoy and hope you learn something from the interview, especially for avid cosplayers and budding photographers.


1. Are you a cosplayer? A photographer? Both?

Both, although, I am more of a photography hobbyist than an aspiring professional.

2. When did you begin interest in such things? Why? Who/What influenced you?

My interest in cosplay stemmed from my early childhood when (I) glimpsed anime shows like Dragon Ball on TV with my older brother. Anime wasn’t widely popular in the country back then so I used to watch the shows on the Japanese channels until they started showing them on local TV. Fast forward to the summer before entering college, I, along with my friend Jin were surfing the net and many times, we’d see beautiful photos of cosplayers that enthralled us. Later on, we discovered that an anime convention was to be held in a local mall so we did our research and given our long-standing passion for anime, we decided to try it out.

Cosplay it seems, was something just bound to happen, given my ready passion for playing dress up and anime.

3. Did you do things to get yourself more learned/experienced in that field? What?

During my first cosplay attempts, I didn’t really have much experience at all; neither did my friends. So we kind of just stuck it out. Initially making visual parodies of anime clichés using our own clothes until after much trial and error, we slowly figured out how to put a costume properly together. It was awkward at first, like I didn’t know a single thing about styling wigs or make-up, and things looked pretty dreadful. But at the end of every convention, it was always the fun and the silliness about cosplay that kept me going. With much experience, I learned to be more particular about fabric, wigs, props, and portraying the characters.

4. How would you define yourself in relation to your field of interest?

I’d say I evolve in the way I do things as much as I have grown from cosplaying the characters. There’s a sense of maturity in being able to experiment and revamp methodologies, and widening one’s perspectives in each little project I do, be it in cosplay, painting, design, or photography.

5. Have you won any awards, or been given any recognition in your particular field?

In cosplay, I don’t recall winning much awards because I hardly ever joined the contests. I have however, been given recognition for my portrayals along with my friends and have been invited to judge a couple of cosplay contests.

6. Do you think your works, or you yourself, have any influence on people or a certain trend in society?

I didn’t think much of my influence towards others when I started this hobby; but as I continued on with it, many people seem to have reacted positively towards my cosplays. That’s not to say I haven’t received negative comments either, I have. More importantly, I’ve received feedback regarding how I, along with my friends, have inspired people into having better outlooks not just in cosplay, but in some area of their lives as well. This is greatly overwhelming. It validates my friends and me, knowing that our silly hobby amounts to some form of constructive good for people.

7. What message would you like to share through what you have learned in your field?

Cosplay is a wonderful means for expressing one’s passion for anime, manga, and Japanese culture. It’s a great way to meet new people, enhance one’s craft, build confidence, learn different trades, and be resourceful. It is not however, an excuse to put others down for the sake of shallow popularity and recognition because at the end of it all, it’s a hobby where geeks play dress up. It can lead to many awe-inspiring things and also very abusive things.

The reality is that, there are many who lose track of what cosplay is all about: having GOOD FUN. Some make it into a sort of contest for recognition; hence, egos burst, insecurity issues build up, and friendships get strained which shouldn’t be the case at all.

Cosplay is a great, creative escape for anyone who’s ever watched anime and fallen in love with the characters, the story, and the anime-world in its entirety. It shouldn’t be some kind of nightmare where people mess with other people’s feelings or lives.

The Second Kira

Model: China Capay

Photography: Sanda Dans

A Facade of Feeling

Model: Ginger Lim

Photography: China Capay

Please do not steal any of the photographs.

These pictures have been posted here with permission from the photographers.



I’ve moved many of friends’ links to my new wordpress blog. Also, this new blog will serve as a more personal and in-depth look as to my life. I am The China Doll in the Philippines, someone who has lived here all her life, but cannot really say and feel like she belongs. Maybe it’s a longing for one’s ancestral home, maybe it’s because many people in the Philippines still consider Chinese as foreigners, who knows? This blog, will serve to document the everyday occurrences of a person, like me, a China Doll in the Philippines.

You don’t need to handle me with care.

I’m not Made in China. I’m Made in the Philippines.

I am not replacing this blog with the new one. I am merely segregating posts and interests. I shall still continue to keep this blog updated with its usual content. Thank you.


Bloggers at the Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia Opening at Top Shelf

October 16, 2008.

Top Shelf, on the 5th Floor of Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, was venue to the opening of the Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia by 2nd Media. What began from 10 promising Filipino artists (namely Popo San Pascual, Riel Hilario, Eddie Boy Escudero, Jose Terrence Ruiz, Mario V. Fernandez, Gari Buenavista, MM Yu, Christina Quisumbing Ramilio, Loatsu Manes and Tina Fernandez) creating artworks that highlighted environmental awareness within the country, surged to 29 artists whose arts are featured in different billboards throughout the Metro.

One of the points highlighted in the event, was to promote environmental awareness by posting artworks in billboards which would temporarily take the viewer away from their everyday stress. Instead of merely seeing advertisements for so and so products, one can appreciate and give insight to the current environmental situation in the Philippines. 2nd Media and the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines aims to raise awareness that billboards are effective channels for communication, and not simply tools for advertising.

The event was a simple but delightful event attended by bloggers, the artists, and press people alike. Though catering to a small crowd, the event brought about a distinct awareness towards the presence of billboards, and the aim to present them as something more than an advertising media tool. Many of the artists were present to present their distinctive and creative artworks, ranging from photographs, to paintings, to graphic designs, to simple artwork, and even to recycled materials. Even MM Yu, who was an artist whose works we visited for our FA101 class at the Ateneo Art Gallery, was there with her beautiful photographic artwork.

I really liked the event. I agree with the companies’ aim to present billboard as something more than just an advertising tool. Mere advertising has tainted billboard art, and I’m glad that they’re starting something like this, especially since Manila is one of the Billboard Capitals of the World.

So far, I’ve only seen Mating Call by Popo San Pascual which can be seen along EDSA, on the freeway coming from SM into Greenhills. If you happen to see more of them, please leave a comment stating which one you’ve seen and where. This is where you can see the first 10 artworks that were presented, as well as some other pictures taken at the event.


Beijing Olympics 2008

Last Friday saw the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008, years of preparation leading to the start of that one big event. China has done a lot of preparation to have itself ready for the 2008 Olympics. From the numerous buildings it had built (Bird’s Nest and Dragon Airport included), to the various traffic and anti-smog enforcement policies it had to implement, to the numerous advertisments it had created, and to other adjustments both the country and its people had to adhere to.


One World. One Dream.

China picked August 8 as its date, and 8:08pm as its opening time because it believes that Eight is a lucky number. The Chinese word for 8 is 八 which in roman (pinyin) form is “ba”, sounds similar to 发 (“fa”) which means prosperous.

Despite the various conflicts China had to endure before the Olympics event – the Sichuan Earthquake, Lhasa Massacre, Political and moral issues challenged globally; China has also had many promising events like the Climbing of Mt Everest during the trip of the Olympic torch around various places in China, as well as the improvement on environmental policies.

One of the favorite things I love from what China had prepared was the FuWa, the 5 mascots which represented the 5 rings of the Olympics. Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini. Each represents a ring in the Olympic symbol, and it also represents something about China. Beibei represents the fish, Jingjing represents the panda, Huanhuan the Olympic torch, Yingying the Tibetan antelope and Nini the swallow. Put together, the names form 北京欢迎你 “Beijing huan ying ni” or more literally speaking, Beijing welcomes you. Personally, my favorite is Jingjing the Panda.

Finally after everything, the Opening Ceremony turned out to be a success. The author wishes to be honest in saying that she wasn’t able to watch much of the ceremony because the channel she was watching had too many in-between commercials. Though from the comments of various friends, the ceremony especially of the Torch Lighting was a huge success.

I wish China, the Philippines, and all other competing countries the best in their performances and sports. Congratulations China on a wonderful beginning for the 2008 Olympics!

I only wish I could have been there to see it.

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