Realizing one’s faults, is not such a bad thing after all.

One of the things I’ve recently realized is how a point of view or a perspective of a person matters so much to them, and usually gets shunned or overlooked by other people. This takes me back to the summer of this year, when I took up Psy101 as a requirement for my course in school. My professor taught us as part of our lesson, that as teenagers, we tend to be overly egocentric and think that we are the complete center of attention. Teenagers, it seems, tend to be overly-emotional about a lot of truthfully shallow matters. But it seems to me, that this does not only apply to teenagers but to adults as well.

We think that the thing we are experiencing at the moment, may it be sad or happy, has a tendency to be the best/worse experience we’ve ever encountered in our lives.

The perfect example? Work ( def. An amount of such activity either done or required). No matter how old or young one may be, people always have a tendency to think that what they’re currently doing is the most important or the gravest of them all. In school, one always concludes that the work given is too much to handle; yet at the same time, upperclassmen comment and say that it’s not a bad workload in comparison to the proceeding years. But no, in a persons’ mind, it’s always that, “Those people don’t understand what I’m going through since they’re not me.” type of thinking. And I admit that I was like that, and continue to be like that at times.

As a freshman in college, I took for granted the many free times that I didn’t have any work required of me, and when I did – I complained. It is only now that my sister, a freshman at the Ateneo as well, who tells me about her day and complains about her workload, has made me realize that I was quite the selfish imp in thinking that what I was experiencing then was so difficult, as if it would ruin the rest of my entire life!

In the end, we always complain about everything we have at the moment. And it is only in the end, that we look back and realize that what we went through really wasn’t much to complain about after all.

Well, life’s a lot like that. Discernment, regret and doubt. And for me, teenagers have the worst part of it….with the whole “trying to find a place in society” point of view.


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