MAD MAD FUN: Episode One Review, Episode Two plug in

From points of views of viewers familiar with Alodia “Edjie” Gosiengfiao when she was aired on the first ever episode of Mad Mad Fun as their Kawaii Girl, the shows seems to have come out as a starting success. Though there are still points that can be greatly improved on – Rhian Ramos had some odd moments, but there is of course leeway for the first few episodes – most of the show came out well. I had some misgivings about the entire “torture the band” part of the show. I don’t know if the point of that show was suppose to be humorous, because I honestly didn’t find it amusing. From the way the band faked their torture, to the way the lightning shocks came out, it was actually annoying to watch them continue with the facade. Blame me if I didn’t find it even slightly amusing.

Alodia did pretty well on the show, though there was a hint of anxiety in the way she spoke to the camera. Either way, she did very well with the way she presented herself to the viewers. Smiling constantly and with random hand gestures, she was quite the speaker. At the beginning of the “Kawaii Girl” segment though, there was a typographical error in the way Alodia’s name was typed out because it came out as Allodia. Good thing that the rest of the show didn’t have any typographical errors, especially in the part where they plugged in her deviantart site. The pictures came out fairly well though I think Tricia should have been credited during the show, for her awesome pictures.

Praise to whomever picked out Rhian’s outfits for the show. Her portrayal of a hot-pain-inducing-woman, which at first glance seemed like a stripper with a whip dressed up as a police woman, came out great.

And as to my confusion in my previous article concerning Futura, it turns out that Futura is the name of a designer who does artwork in the States. Not only does he design shoes, and canvases and such, he began by being a graffiti artist in the US and became infamous before becoming a well-known famous artist.

For the second episode which will be aired this Saturday, August 11 at 8pm on Animax, the band being featured is Sugarfree, while Tricia Gosingtian will be featured as the next kawaii girl. The artistic feature on the other hand is the Sneaker Pimps Design Exhibition which will be exhibiting shoes with designs.

In addition, I am very much proud to say that the girl featured, and the girl that will be featured in Kawaii Girls are both friends of mine studying in the Ateneo. Also, both were featured in an article I wrote about Cosplaying. The article features information about the 2 kawaii girls, which may not have been (or will be clarified) during the show.

*kawaii 可愛い means cute in Japanese


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