Nature, in all its splendor.

Nature is a wonderful thing.


But despite that which God has given us, we take it for granted. Every morning, as we wake up, we go about our daily duties and responsibilities. We forget to stop and look at the things that we have around us. We take the trees for granted, we take the sky and the air we breathe for granted, we take for granted the things that we see because it’s always there. It truly is a sad truth, that we take for granted all the beautiful things we have, till we do not have them anymore.We forget to appreciate the beauty that God has bestowed to us, for us to see everyday of our lives. And as time goes by, we forget and we appreciate them less and less. Modern technology in many aspects, or to put it simply, the modern world has configured us to move too fast to notice the things that should really matter. And the more technologically advanced we seem to be getting, the more we destroy the earth that we live in, and the farther away we get from the things that mattered to us a long time ago – before all these cities and advancements came to be.

Sometimes, we question God for not being present in our lives, yet he’s always been there through the things He has given us, yet we have not always appreciated His gifts. We look for beauty, and we ask why we cannot find it, yet everything beautiful has already been laid out for us. We fail to notice that it is around us. From the soft fluttering of the leaves on the ground, to the small flower amidst the weeds, to the sun beyond the clouds and the wind blowing silently.

Everything has been given. Let us appreciate it while we still have it. Not only that, let us do our best to protect what we have…not letting it lie in ruin as if we have no power to help out. We may be a few in a million, but everything we do helps the world out, even just a little.

And in the long run, if you add all the little works that we take the time to do, it actually adds up to a lot.


Pictures used in this entry are the copyright of dresdendoll.


2 Responses to “Nature, in all its splendor.”

  1. 1 FINCH
    December 12, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    i’m-agnostic.how_about_you? 🙂

  2. December 12, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    @ Finch: Thank you. I’m very much a Roman Catholic.

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