Book Review: Soon

Review on: Soon by Jerry B. Jenkins

Rating: 3.5/5

What is it about the End of the World, or God’s coming to give passing on Judgment Day? What happens when the world creates another great war, one that goes against epic proportions, much greater than the catastrophes of all wars in the past put together? What if another world war comes and changes mankind as we know it, wiping out famous landmarks across the Earth, as well as eradicating all of South East Asia and other parts of Asia and the Northern Pacific? How about erasing all forms of religion, factions and prayer-worship?

The story of Soon tackles those aspects of the world, taking into mind the possibilities of war and conflict that could ensue from present situations. Soon is not an ordinary fictional story that includes plots and events that could be foretold early on. Because the story does not talk about any modern technology, present occurring events, or famous people known in our time, it becomes a mystery thriller filled with twists and turns, suspense and confusion. The main character’s erratic thoughts add a certain atmosphere to the whole story. It also becomes hard to instantly familiarize oneself with the futuristic setting of the story because of the detail and definition put into creating a completely different world from the present. With the story itself thrust into a confusing state, you have to take each sentence in carefully, vaguely memorizing people and their role in the story, as you learn more about the plot and conflicts.

It gives an interesting view of a world that lies after World War III. And with that view, it also shows us both a bright and dark side to another post-war world, and how it affects history, people and attitudes. Though the story presents a very radical and irrational but logical world, it is very intriguing to read a story that causes us all to think about our future and the weight of our present decisions. It’s not about doing what one pleases, but thinking of how one’s decisions affect the lives of the person and everyone around. It is also about how one decision acts like a domino that triggers events to occur in response to it.

This story is truly a heart-warming tale that leads us all to realize that faith is always a guiding light. We doubt our identity and our priorities, but it helps us find what our mission truly is. And in the end, it shows us that no matter how ignorant or stubborn we claim to be, God always finds a way into our hearts. The story also helps show us one great trait of humanity, finding strength in the most hopeless of moments.

Soon, is a story that I recommend to people who feel lost and abandoned by people who love them. It is also for those who feel like something is missing in their lives, or those who doubt God and his existence. An inspiring story for people who refuse to belief in the capability to completely turn over new leaf, or those who refuse to believe in the power faith, this is a story filled with new realizations about life and people.

This review was written on October 2006 for a College English class.


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