My Clear Black Night Experience

Halloween this year was a blast. Instead of staying home, watching some halloween-related shows and wishing I was out partying like the rest of world, I decided to attend Clear‘s Black Night Halloween Party for Bloggers. Together with my mom, younger sister and close friend, we headed for the party dressed in our sexy black outfits.

I expected the party to be fun, but a little awkward since most bloggers I know are a lot older than me and are closer to my mom than I am. So imagine my surprise when our car stopped in front of Taste Asia, the entire venue was flooded with people, a lot of who looked my age. It was amazing to see a flood of black, and some white (for those who dared to be different) packed outside of the venue and happily chatting away with each other. What surprised me was the lack of people partying inside despite the play of music and the great decorations and special effects that made gave the room a more disco feel. Of course, later on in the evening when we had returned to to party, more people had come in to join in the drinking and the dancing, including some models and foreigners who quickly caught the attention of the crowd. Somewhere in the corner of the room, a group had formed a circle while some dancers were break-dancing and moving to the beat of the music. It was like a scene from those dancing movies was coming true before my very eyes! I was sort of expecting people to continue the whole dancing exhibition, but it never pulled through yet despite that, me and Apple (my guest) were dancing the night away as if there was no tomorrow. Of course, it was just me and her at first since my mom had gone away to meet some of her bloggers, bringing my sister along with her, but I didn’t mind since I loved to dance!

While we were dancing, Apple and I were joined by a May who danced the night away with us too. My friend Marcelle also joined in on the fun and gave us another of his spectacular fork-bending abilities.

Somewhere in-between arriving at the event and dancing the night away, while mingling with the bloggers and accompanying my mom to look for familiar faces, we caught sight of some Miss Earth candidates who had decided to visit the event. It was of course a special moment for a lot of people, including me, who began to gush and awe at the beauty that was the Miss Earth candidates. Of course taking pictures with them was a must. Who on Earth wouldn’t want to take a picture with the candidates, I sure would! It was a once in a blue moon chance!

Not only did I get to meet the Miss Earth candidates, I bumped into a lot of familiar blogger friends, and a friend of mine from college! Another bonus to that was meeting Tiffany Chua who I found out was a friend of my mom’s via plurk! Oh it’s a small world after all~ Days after the event, I’ve come to realize how similar Tiffany and I really are, and it has begun a wonderful friendship between the two of us.

I wouldn’t have been able to dance the night away, meet the Miss Earth candidates, renew friendships with fellow bloggers, meet new friends, and spend a wonderful Halloween (all at the same time) had it not been for Unilever. Thank you very much for a wonderful night!


2 Responses to “My Clear Black Night Experience”

  1. November 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    It was such a YAY meeting you 😀 Srzly! HUGS

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