Star Night, Star Light ©toki88

Once upon a time,
a star fell from the sky.
It fell to the earth,
and was left to die.
But one little girl,
who watched the sky each night
saw the little star fall
and ran to the site.
She moved through the woods
and cared not for her dress,
for only one thing mattered,
and she cared for nothing less.
As she ran through the trees
she soon lost sight of the star
for it had fallen too quickly,
and had fallen too far.
But on she did trudge,
through the muck and the grime,
with her bare feet all dirty
and herself out of time.
She quickened her steps,
and to herself did she pray,
that she’d find that star quickly
before the start of that day.
Soon she heard a rustle,
a movement in the grass,
as if something was struggling
but it could not move, alas.
The little girl had found the star,
it was stuck on a bush.
Landing quickly it had sunk,
as if something gave it a push.
She ran to it as fast
as her little feet would,
she hurriedly grabbed the star,
and held it at tight as she could.
The star felt cold
as she held it in her arms,
with its color fading,
she tried to keep it warm.
Back to her house she ran
afraid for the light of day,
she would soon be found missing
and thus ran back without delay.
She also feared for her friend,
whom she craddled in her grasp
a mere baby it had seemed
had fallen from the sky at last.
As soon as she had returned
to her room she did run.
Hiding herself from all,
and her friend from the sun.
The little girl jumped unto her bed,
her hand on her friend
and quickly wrapped themselves tight
feigning sleep, to pretend.
As soon as she closed her eyes,
she did fall asleep,
and some sounds outside the door,
opened the door and gave a peep.
The little girl was sleeping,
quietly and peacefully it seemed.
While a small little light
from the bed side, did gleam.
A small little night light
shone bright into the night.
Keeping monsters away,
and scary things from her sight.
A small little thing it was,
as can be seen from afar,
a shining bright little night light
in the shape of a baby star.

poem written by me © Christa Uymatiao 2008, http://toki88.deviantart.com


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