Book Review: What Price Love

What Price Love

Review on: What Price Love by Stephanie Laurens

Series: Cynster (Book 13)

Rating: 4/5


A wonderful romance novel that involves twins and their exceptional close connection that adds more drama and humor to the story. What Price Love is about a female twin who finds out that her male twin is involved in a situation that may end in his untimely death. Her love for her brother drives her to involve herself in his mischief, in the hopes of saving him from whatever it is he’s into. Unknown to her, her involvement indirectly gets her involved with a man who’s out to find the truth. She finds out that her search for her twin is related to the man’s search for the truth, and together, they embark on a back-to-back play of mischief between two stubborn adults who just do not want to give up. The story eventually leads them to realize how in many ways, they are very similar to each other, and towards the end, how meant for each other they are.

I’ve always found that stories that involve twins are very interesting, and this story is another great example. Bringing two stubborn people together has been a common theme throughout many romance novels that I have read through the years. The involvement of one twin for their twins happiness is also something that I’ve seen many times in romance novels, with this story not being an exception.

One of the great things in this story, is that there is a lot of drama and humor involved between the two main characters. The story also takes place in a wonderful environment, with interesting characters popping out throughout the story. The addition of many other interesting characters is actually either a preview, or a chance to look back at the other books in the series by Stephanie Laurens. Their quirky characteristics give the story a lot more flair, and drive the main characters to do things amusing to the reader. I have never seen as much involvement of supporting characters in a story, as I have seen in this story. Not to mention the adorable conversations that take place between the characters, most especially with the philosophical-sounding British dialogue. One reason why I love English/European-based romance novels. Conversations are always something that you can look back on and laugh at. Not shallow at all, and give us a chance to see how intelligent and mysterious Europeans were even at that time.

Probably, the only thing that can be frustrating in What Price Love is the inconsistency of the timeline. Throughout the story, it seems to me that the involvement of the 2 main characters with each other is too quick, and too unrealistic. Though the story is very wonderfully woven together, it seems as if the days have been rushed and the flow of the story passes too quickly. But at the same time, there is a lot of suspense present in the story, a little too much for a romance novel. But then again, the suspense just makes the story even juicer and a lot more worth your money.

Reading the book has made me interested in the other Cynster novels written by Stephanie Laurens (which were mentioned to me by my friends). A good read, with an interesting plot and an interesting bunch of characters.


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