Book Review: Naked in Death

Naked in Death

Review on: Naked in Death by Nora Roberts (writing as J.D. Robb)

Rating:  2.5/5

Naked in Death is a mystery-filled thriller story, not the usual type of books that I read from Nora Roberts. It basically takes place in the not-so-far-off future where many traditional concepts have been put aside, such as the presence of a gun ban and the distinct change of the term prostitution. The story is about Eve Dallas, a cop who is put in-charge of the murder of the granddaughter of a known traditional senator. What makes the murder even more interesting is that the weapon used to kill this “licensed companion” as they are now known, is a gun, which is owned only by licensed collectors. To top it all off, the murder is done while the scene is being recorded and sent to the police.

Eve is tasked with this case, and becomes the contact person for the Senator, who is intent on finding out the murderer of his granddaughter. The severity of the murder, the intensity of the case, it becomes an obsession for Eve who feels there’s a lead in the steps that she takes. On the path to trying to solve the case, she meets  Roarke, a very rich businessman who catches her eye She eventually gets involved with him, but it becomes a problem when almost all her leads to the case lead back to him. Her involvement becomes an issue as more murders occur, all involving a licensed companion with all deaths showing the same method for the deaths. It involves issues that strain her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Naked in Death is a very interesting mystery thriller, very different from Nora Robert’s usual romance novels. Though not my usual cup-of-tea, this book deserves props for the complexity and detail put into the settings of the story, which is of course the foundation of a good book. As the reader goes along reading the story, he is also able to involve himself in the story, trying to figure out the murder along with the main character. The flow of the story is easy enough to follow, and each turn of the story is always a mystery waiting to unfold for the reader.

The book in itself is not an easy read, and the difference in the time period of the setting becomes a bit confusing as one gets used to the different terms and such. The book is definitely a mystery-thriller book, so mystery-thriller lovers will find this book to their liking. The books for me seems rather short, or rather hurried but for those even more interested, this book has some follow-up stories which fall under the In Death series, which also involve Eve Dallas.

An interesting read and an interesting series to look out for if you’re very much into mystery-thrillers which involves a more sci-fi setting for the story.

Cheers and enjoy. 🙂


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