Food Review: Goodles

About a week and a half ago, I got to join my mom and blogger friend’s at Goodles, a newly opened food shop at Robinson Galleria’s 4th floor, between Pizza Hut and Burger King  and close to Starbucks.

So what is goodles? The concept of the owner, Sharlene Tan, was to serve really good pasta dishes on the go. Instead of going to a really fine dining restaurant, waiting for 20 minutes to get served, and paying more than P200 to settle that pasta craving, why not go for a place that allows you the same pasta goodness in less the time and cost.

Goodles aims to be the first to sell the same restaurant quality pasta in a more casual environment, allowing consumers to get their order fresh and at the same time, fast.

The great thing about Goodles is that it offers healthy and filling meals that you can take at the shop, or on the go. With its easy to eat and carry packaging, you can get settle your pasta craving anytime anywhere.

Also, if you wish to stay at there and eat your meal there, its also a great place to just hang out with your friends and enjoy your meal.

Check out the menu below for a list of servings they offer.

Each of us were given the choice of any dish we wanted, and I picked the 7 Layers Lasagna. After we had our own meals, we were also given a plate of the others dishes which we could try on our own. Me being the slow eater and a person who gets full easily, I wasn’t able to try the other dishes but I was able to enjoy my 7 Layers Lasagna to the fullest.

From prices ranging from Php130-Php170, you can surely get full and satisfied, without burning a hole through your pocket.

Bloggers at Goodles

Picture above care of Mom. Spot me in the group. Haha.

Kindly click below if you wish to see the pictures of the dishes, care of Goodles.


1 Response to “Food Review: Goodles”

  1. January 14, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    yummy! you have a great blog.

    ill be back for more.

    I am Denise Katipunera

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