Book Review: The Devil Who Tamed Her

Review on: The Devil Who Tamed Her by Johanna Lindsey

Rating: 5/5


Lindsey is definitely an amazing writer. From the very beginning of the story, you can’t help but be drawn to her main character, Ophelia, a detestably beautiful but sharp-tongued woman who doesn’t seem to care about the welfare of others. Because of her great beauty, many men are enthralled by her beauty and many women hate her for it.

It is at the beginning of the story that Lindsey introduces Raphael, a dashingly handsome bachelor whose best friend Duncan is the former fiancee of Ophelia. Ophelia and Rafe are not on good terms since Ophelia had created a number of scandals against Duncan, giving Rafe a bad impression of Ophelia. It is by coincidence that Rafe discovers Ophelia’s softer side, which prompts him to want to change Ophelia and give her the chance to meet someone she can fall in love with. Through sly means, he is able to whisk Ophelia (and a chaperone) away to his family’s isolated estate where he begins to tutor Ophelia into seeing the error of her ways. Slowly, Ophelia discovers that she isn’t always right but also discovers a growing relationship between her and Rafe.

When Rafe decides to test his student by throwing her back into society, he realizes he has fallen in love with her but doesn’t want to admit it and risk his everything.

One great thing about this book is how Lindsey incorporates the character’s personality into their dialogue. She doesn’t just detail out the characters, but through the dialogues, she is able to distinguish one character from the next. Another thing I found most interesting about the story are the sessions between Rafe and Ophelia, and how he tutors her to become a better person.

The great thing about the character’s of both Ophelia and Rafe is their stubbornness not to give in to the other. From the beginning of the story till the end, you can see how Rafe and Ophelia are battling it out against each other. The other a most sought after lady, the other a most sought after lord. Each know their strengths and weaknesses and are unwilling to give in till the very end. Even when Ophelia challenges Rafe to marriage and eventually gets it, both  are still unwilling to reveal their feelings for each other.

Lindsey is able to bring together two most interesting characters who have so much to give to the other that it creates so much conflict and passion between the two of them. From the very beginning of the story till the very end, you will find yourself amused over the most odd of circumstances and turnout of events.


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