Book Review: Somewhere I’ll Find You

Review on: Somewhere I’ll Find You by Lisa Kleypas

Rating: 4.5/5

This story happens before Kleypas’ Because You’re Mine. Julia is a lady who loves the theatre. As she escapes into her make-believe theatre world, she tries to escape the world that has been bestowed upon her since her birth and her childhood. Not only is she a lady, in a society that looks down upon people who work in disgraceful jobs like the theatre for it is believed that people sell themselves in that kind of world, she is also already married – since she was but a child. She is married to a man she has never met, marriage to a title in exchange for money.

Julia has since escaped her family and her responsibility to the marriage, and runs to the safety of the theatre, Logan Scott’s theatre. She makes a name for herself as a reputable and noteworthy actress, and catches the eye of Damon Savage, who is coincidentally her husband. Of course, he does not know who she is and she knows of him. Julia finds herself in a relationship with Savage who seems to be serious with her, despite not knowing who she is. Later on, through coincidental circumstances, Damon realizes who she is and is bent on getting her  for himself. The problem, is he willing to ruin her dreams in return for her heart?

Between Kleypas’ 2 books, I prefer the story of this to Because You’re Mine. Kleypas introduces two characters – Damon and Julia, both unwilling to give in to the other, and both very good at their trade. They both want out of what’s been forced unto them, but fate has an interesting way of bringing together two people who are meant for the other. These strong characters lead interesting lives and bring so much passion and character into their stories that it’s so hard not to fall in love with their story.

As the saying goes, if two people are really meant to be together, fate definitely finds a way. That thing that brings so much despair to Julia and Damon’s past, also brings them much happiness in the present. Fate has a really ironic way of bringing two people such as these, together. The world of theatre also acts as a good environment upon which the story revolves.

The story would not be complete without a rival – in the form of Logan Scott, who brings so much drama into the story. His presence makes the story more riveting and intriguing, especially if you’ve read his story in Because You’re Mine.

If there’s one thing you can learn from the story, it’s that love is about give and take. There are sacrifices that need to be made on both sides if you love a person very much. You’ll definitely love the characters in this book.


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