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Hataw Hanep Hero3: The Lucky Star story


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The End of MMF?

On a short note…Mad Mad Fun‘s Kawaii Girls Season 1 is finished. Well, it’s been finished since October 27 but this is the only time I’ve been able to watch Mad Mad Fun for the “finishing episode”.

Past all those kawaii (cute) and pretty teens-young adults who’ve presented themselves for the past 3 months in front of all the viewers, doing the most interesting (and sometimes embarrassing but FUN) of things for the show…viewers and people alike chose their most favorite kawaii girl on the show.

Proud to say, I’m very happy to present that my very kawaii schoolmate and friend Alodia Gosiengfiao, won the title of most kawaii girl, garnering 100,000 worth of Levi’s vouchers as well as the unending devotion from her many fans. As well, I would also like to congratulate another fellow Blue Eagle and a friend of mine, Tricia Gosingtian who was simply wicked awesome and uber cute on the show!

Congratulations Edjie and Tricia on doing such a good job and making Ateneo proud of such amazing students.

Oh, and past that..Denise, is also a Kawaii girl from the home of the Blue Eagles! I’d like to congratulate another Blue Eagle for a job well done.

Edjie as Misa Amane from DeathNote

Congratulations to Alodia!

Tricia in HK Disneyland

Congratulations Tricia!


Another episode down, one more to come

Episode Two of Mad Mad Fun turned out to be another starting success. Featuring Ateneo’s own budding artist and famous photographer, Tricia Gosingtian – who was also featured in one of my previous articles. Tricia spoke without hesitation nor fear as she continued with the video interview on primetime television. Even the added plug-in of her much visited website was an icing at the end of a wonderful interview. Congratulations to another Atenean kawaii girl.

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MAD MAD FUN: Episode One Review, Episode Two plug in

From points of views of viewers familiar with Alodia “Edjie” Gosiengfiao when she was aired on the first ever episode of Mad Mad Fun as their Kawaii Girl, the shows seems to have come out as a starting success. Though there are still points that can be greatly improved on – Rhian Ramos had some odd moments, but there is of course leeway for the first few episodes – most of the show came out well. I had some misgivings about the entire “torture the band” part of the show. I don’t know if the point of that show was suppose to be humorous, because I honestly didn’t find it amusing. From the way the band faked their torture, to the way the lightning shocks came out, it was actually annoying to watch them continue with the facade. Blame me if I didn’t find it even slightly amusing.

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Mad Mad Fun

Animax will be featuring the first episode of Mad Mad Fun at 8pm tonight. The show features famous bands, up-to-date fashion, technology and events, as well as hot young adults in the Manila Scene. This show is hosted by Rhian Ramos and features today, the band Sandwhich, Futura (whom I don’t have info on at the moment), as well as the famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao whom I wrote about in an earlier article. Besides updates on the fun aspect of Filipinos’ lives, the show also holds contests for its viewers.

So catch the first episode tonight on Animax!


Mad Mad Fun airs every Saturday at 8pm on Animax.


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The Art of Cosplay, part I

Cosplaying in the Philippines is somewhat of a new art. I guess, it’s because most of us were raised with the traits of being conservative and humble that it hasn’t blossomed as much as it has in other countries.

Cosplaying, a shortcut term for Costume Roleplay/Play, is not composed of only characters from Anime (Japanese Animation) and Manga (Japanese comics) as most people assume. It branches out to all kinds of costumes, to those of famous actresses/actors, comic book characters, fictional characters, singers, and even objects – like transformers.

I have recently been exposed to the real world of cosplaying. Before, cosplaying was something I could only dream of, since I didn’t think I’d have the guts to parade myself in front of other people in a costume that’s more than the ordinary Filipino style of dressing up. Many times, I’d meet people who went to conventions in the States, and took various pictures, not only in the States but also in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. Not only in conventions, if we try to look at it at a broader perspective, but even street fashion in various places around the world is either an influence to, or has been influenced by cosplaying in some manner.

Recently, various ‘photoshoot’ sessions have begun to take place around the Philippines, which includes dressing up and posing in front of a camera, whether or not either the model or photographer is a professional or not. Many appear to be costume inspirations from recent hit anime’s while others are just spur of the moment themes. Even in my school, the Ateneo, I and a few other friends have taken dressing up for school up a notch. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a very artistic fashionista, I have a few friends who truly are the centers of such a new age in fashion.

Listed are some cosplayers and cosplay-related people that I’m familiar with:

Alodia “Edjie” Gosiengfiao, whom I’m proud to say is a Blue Eagle, is one of the more popular cosplayers in the Philippines. Having won various contests for her very creative and worthwhile costumes, she has been invited to conventions and such as a guest, or as a host. Truly an inspiration to cosplayers, photographers and wanna-be cosplayers here and around the world, Alodia is one who is willing to take the patience and effort to make her costume as original and unique as possible. Edjie recently acted as a host for the Toycon2007 which was held in SM Megamall from June 16-17, as a guest host for the Mangaholix Convention (held at SM Mall of Asia last May 19), and a DeathNote Photoshoot where she played as Misa.

Edjie as Shall from Dream of Doll

Edjie as Misa Amane from DeathNote

Top: Edjie as Shall from Dream of Doll. Photograph by Tricia.

Bottom: Edjie as Misa Amane from DeathNote. Photograph by Tricia.

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The Doll(dalera)

What lies behind the mask of a doll, kept sheltered and propped against the shelf wall. Beautiful and untouched for all to see, she comes unmasked in beautiful glory.

The Doll behind the mask

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