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End of the Beijing 2008 Olympics

The Beijing Olympics has ended, and with no surprise as to who is leading in the tally of medals. China wins more gold than the USA, though the US garners 10 medals more than China in the total tally count. The beginning of the Beijing Olympics gave way to much praise from various countries and organizations as to the exhibition presented by China. From amazing fireworks, to spectacular dances and visual presentations, and leaving little if no room for more applause. London has a lot to live up to if it wishes to out-perform Beijing in the upcoming London 2012 Olympics.

After the presentation of the Opening Ceremonies, a lot of news has turned up in regards to the “truth” behind the preparation. The footsteps fireworks presented at the Bird’s Nest has turned out to be a pre-recorded fireworks presentation. In this writer’s opinion, I don’t find any fault in China pre-recording such a presentation. It may seem unfair to some, but I believe that fireworks are something that cannot be fully controlled and as such, some pre-ceremony preparations were necessary. As well, it turns out that the cute little girl who was tasked to sing Ode to the Motherland (a favorite of mine as a little girl), was simply lip-synching the song. Lin MiaoKe, the girl on stage was simply mouthing the words to the song sung by Yang PeiYi, who was deemed unfit to represent China because she wasn’t as cute as Lin. I find this very disturbing, teaching kids as young as them that it’s okay to cheat such things if it is in the interest of greater society. I pity both girls who were dragged into such a problem.

Other problems have also arisen, such as the controversial under-age problem presented by China’s gymnasts who participated in the Olympic Games. Recently, I have also come across some other issues, an example of which was a budding dancer who fell off a malfunctioning platform during one of the rehearsals for the Games, and is now paralyzed from waist down. Such sad news for a performer still in her prime.

So as the Beijing 2008 Olympics has come to an end, it brings with it many things. Both good and bad points have emerged from China’s preparation for such an event. One can only hope that the Olympic Games brings about things which it aspires to uphold and create.

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Beijing Olympics 2008

Last Friday saw the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008, years of preparation leading to the start of that one big event. China has done a lot of preparation to have itself ready for the 2008 Olympics. From the numerous buildings it had built (Bird’s Nest and Dragon Airport included), to the various traffic and anti-smog enforcement policies it had to implement, to the numerous advertisments it had created, and to other adjustments both the country and its people had to adhere to.


One World. One Dream.

China picked August 8 as its date, and 8:08pm as its opening time because it believes that Eight is a lucky number. The Chinese word for 8 is 八 which in roman (pinyin) form is “ba”, sounds similar to 发 (“fa”) which means prosperous.

Despite the various conflicts China had to endure before the Olympics event – the Sichuan Earthquake, Lhasa Massacre, Political and moral issues challenged globally; China has also had many promising events like the Climbing of Mt Everest during the trip of the Olympic torch around various places in China, as well as the improvement on environmental policies.

One of the favorite things I love from what China had prepared was the FuWa, the 5 mascots which represented the 5 rings of the Olympics. Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini. Each represents a ring in the Olympic symbol, and it also represents something about China. Beibei represents the fish, Jingjing represents the panda, Huanhuan the Olympic torch, Yingying the Tibetan antelope and Nini the swallow. Put together, the names form 北京欢迎你 “Beijing huan ying ni” or more literally speaking, Beijing welcomes you. Personally, my favorite is Jingjing the Panda.

Finally after everything, the Opening Ceremony turned out to be a success. The author wishes to be honest in saying that she wasn’t able to watch much of the ceremony because the channel she was watching had too many in-between commercials. Though from the comments of various friends, the ceremony especially of the Torch Lighting was a huge success.

I wish China, the Philippines, and all other competing countries the best in their performances and sports. Congratulations China on a wonderful beginning for the 2008 Olympics!

I only wish I could have been there to see it.

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