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E-commerce for Enterpreuners

One of the best things about the internet is that a person can look up just about anything. Google and other search engines have made it possible for people to look for topics they are interested in, without having to get off the chair. Online sites for shopping, banking, even learning have made it possible for people to do everything they want without having to get up and go out of their house, and drive through traffic to get to one specific destination. Web blogs (otherwise known as blogs) have made it possible for people to write about their inner most thoughts, and if they want, they can even get famous for it. Seriously, there is nothing that the internet cannot do for the average Joe/Jane. It’s the world at the tip of one’s fingers.

But there is one thing that we musn’t forget, and that is that with great power comes great responsibility…in other words, great access to all these things comes with a price and a responsibility to the user. Once, we thought that the internet was a safe place to roam. Because we have access to information and other such accessible things without having to get many things in person, we believe that we don’t have to risk anything of our own to get what we want. This is false. Even the internet isn’t safe, and some believe that the internet is even more dangerous than real life. Since more and more people have access to the internet, the possibility of danger is even greater. There are people out there who may abuse things that they gather from the internet. It could be a simple thing such as plagiarism for a paper, or posing as someone on some social networking site. It could lead to something more dangerous such as tricking other people into doing something because they believe the site or user to be someone else, like clicking on viruses or getting people to give you their personal information; and the possibility of identity thefts and other such thievery is more possible now than ever.

Which is why, I am very much interested in getting a copy of this book. As internet users, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves up-to-date with everything around us, including the internet. Ignorance does not give us the right to do as we please without fear of consequence. Be it for people who are interested in getting to know the workings of the internet for entrepreneurial purposes or not, this book has a cause, and its to educate people about some things we should and should not do. As internet users, it is our responsibility to know our rights when faced with “the world of the internet”. It is also our responsibility to make sure that what we do, does not go against any code or protocol on the internet. Honestly, they should teach these in schools, especially to young children who aren’t aware of what consequences their small actions may lead them to.

Me, I want a copy of this book because despite the fact that I have been using the internet for quite some time, I am not familiar with a lot of things I should know. In my countless years on the internet, I’ve usually stuck to personal things which don’t involve other people knowing a lot about what I do and whatnot. But in more recent years, I’ve been involved in more active blogging and other such aspects, which needs further knowledge on the matter. I believe that this book, will in some way help me and my friends (who are getting into using the internet for blogging and entrepreneurial purposes) to know the basic fundamentals to accessing the “world of internet”.

Being ignorant does not mean that we are free from the consequences of our actions. Educate yourself.

The author of the book, Ecommerce for Enterpreneurs, is Janette Torral. She is the same author for the book Blogging from Home, for which me and my mom have a personal copy. 🙂 Thanks again Tita Janette! I hope I get to attend the launching of this book.


Event: Bloggers Halloween Party – Clear Black Night

What: Clear Black Night, a Halloween Dance Event
When: October 31, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m. (to super sawa!)
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket, Mall of Asia)
Attire: Come in Sexy Black (no need to for costumes!)
What to expect: Just be in party mode and get a chance to win instant prizes! Everything’s going to be Fun! Fun! Fun!

To register click here. List of registrants are available here.

Hope to see many bloggers and friends here. 🙂

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Bloggers at Ponds Event in Taste Asia

Last July 4, Taste Asia at Mall of Asia hosted a Ponds Event that featured one of Pond’s products, the Age Miracle Cream. Bloggers were invited to participate in the event, giving away a small free trial casing of their age-miracle cream product. Catered food and drinks were also given to the guests, as well as performances and prizes for the game participants.

It was a nice event. Decorations were amazing, with food and wine being served to the guests.

I’m glad that I went to event. Mom brought me and my sister with her to the event, and she introduced us to a lot of her online blogger friends, including Aileen Apolo (Head of Google Philippines). I also bumped into an Ateneo friend of mine who introduced me to her friends. I spent the rest of the evening conversing with these friends from Ateneo, DLSU, etc. We were a real lively group where we were standing. We talked about a lot of things regarding school, jobs and video games.

Ren and Fiel are new bloggers who opened a new site called, which talks about trying new and unique foods most people are afraid to try. Foodistas in the making.

Marcel and Jay are magicians, entertainers and hosts.

Cybs, my Ateneo friend who attended as a guest in the event.

With some of the young bloggers I met at the event. Dresden Doll (utmost right).

Picture above credited to my mom.

More pictures here.

I look forward to more blogging/blogger events, and new oppurtunities to meet new people.

P.S. I’m trying the Ponds Age-Miracle cream product given to me at the event. Might probably blog about it’s effectivity in a few weeks.


Bloggers at Nestle Pop unveiling

Last Thursday, June 26, invited bloggers and their family came together at the Nestle Factory along Aurora Boulevard to share in a sumptuous dinner presented by Nestle. The event marked the presentation of one of Nestle’s new products, the Nestle Pop. After dinner and a quick powerpoint presentation from Nestle, the hosts unveiled their new products and handed each of the bloggers’ table, their Nestle Pop freebies.

All I can say is, it’s delicious! Nestle Pop comes in the “kisses”-shape and are filled with vanilla ice cream goodness. If you’re curious at to what they taste like, I can say that they taste somewhat like Pinipig but even better. I highly recommend you go to your nearest supermarket or mercury drug to purchase these if you can.

After the unveiling of the product, that didn’t signify the end of the event. Of course, Nestle presented some activities as well. Members of Nestle went to the front and began dancing to the amusement of the bloggers and their families. As well, Nestle also presented their new game, Get your pop on, which is a very amusing game which involves popping the products into the mouths of “rock artists”. Don’t understand what I’m talking about, just click the link to find out what I’m talking about.

During the event, the blogger with the highest score was awarded with a lomo camera. Sadly it wasn’t my mother, so we didn’t win the lomo camera. But, those who scored within the top 5 were also awarded Nestle gift certificates. Sadly, my mom didn’t make it to the top 5 either. Haha. But oh well. All bloggers and their families left with free Nestle Pop products to bring home and share.

More pictures at this link

So if ever you’re interested in winning an Xbox360, or you’re in for the fun and some prizes, go to and do your best.

Event hosted by Nestle Philippines.


Event: Yoga For Bloggers

Yoga For Bloggers

by the Blog and Soul Movement

Date: June 28, 2008

Time: 5pm-onwards

Place: Vinyasa Yoga Center (17th Floor Strata 100 Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Complex, Pasig City)

Limited to 10 Bloggers, due to limited space. To confirm, please go to Blog and Soul. Only those who receive confirmation emails may attend the event.


1) You must be a blogger.

2) You cannot be a student at the Vinyasa Yoga Center.

This is to help my mother advertise her event. Visit her site at

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