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E-commerce for Enterpreuners

One of the best things about the internet is that a person can look up just about anything. Google and other search engines have made it possible for people to look for topics they are interested in, without having to get off the chair. Online sites for shopping, banking, even learning have made it possible for people to do everything they want without having to get up and go out of their house, and drive through traffic to get to one specific destination. Web blogs (otherwise known as blogs) have made it possible for people to write about their inner most thoughts, and if they want, they can even get famous for it. Seriously, there is nothing that the internet cannot do for the average Joe/Jane. It’s the world at the tip of one’s fingers.

But there is one thing that we musn’t forget, and that is that with great power comes great responsibility…in other words, great access to all these things comes with a price and a responsibility to the user. Once, we thought that the internet was a safe place to roam. Because we have access to information and other such accessible things without having to get many things in person, we believe that we don’t have to risk anything of our own to get what we want. This is false. Even the internet isn’t safe, and some believe that the internet is even more dangerous than real life. Since more and more people have access to the internet, the possibility of danger is even greater. There are people out there who may abuse things that they gather from the internet. It could be a simple thing such as plagiarism for a paper, or posing as someone on some social networking site. It could lead to something more dangerous such as tricking other people into doing something because they believe the site or user to be someone else, like clicking on viruses or getting people to give you their personal information; and the possibility of identity thefts and other such thievery is more possible now than ever.

Which is why, I am very much interested in getting a copy of this book. As internet users, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves up-to-date with everything around us, including the internet. Ignorance does not give us the right to do as we please without fear of consequence. Be it for people who are interested in getting to know the workings of the internet for entrepreneurial purposes or not, this book has a cause, and its to educate people about some things we should and should not do. As internet users, it is our responsibility to know our rights when faced with “the world of the internet”. It is also our responsibility to make sure that what we do, does not go against any code or protocol on the internet. Honestly, they should teach these in schools, especially to young children who aren’t aware of what consequences their small actions may lead them to.

Me, I want a copy of this book because despite the fact that I have been using the internet for quite some time, I am not familiar with a lot of things I should know. In my countless years on the internet, I’ve usually stuck to personal things which don’t involve other people knowing a lot about what I do and whatnot. But in more recent years, I’ve been involved in more active blogging and other such aspects, which needs further knowledge on the matter. I believe that this book, will in some way help me and my friends (who are getting into using the internet for blogging and entrepreneurial purposes) to know the basic fundamentals to accessing the “world of internet”.

Being ignorant does not mean that we are free from the consequences of our actions. Educate yourself.

The author of the book, Ecommerce for Enterpreneurs, is Janette Torral. She is the same author for the book Blogging from Home, for which me and my mom have a personal copy. 🙂 Thanks again Tita Janette! I hope I get to attend the launching of this book.


Book Review: Deception Point

Review on: The Deception Point by Dan Brown

Rating: 2.5/5

Honestly speaking, this was one of the most tiring books I’ve ever had to read. Even though it’s written by one of my favorite authors, this is my least favorite among all 4 books (the others being Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress.)

Deception Point talks about how a presidential campaign war brings about the death of some innocents and deadly government secrets. It’s a very complicated story that doesn’t turn out the way it looks at first glance. Though the story includes a sad lovestory turned good, the truth behind a not-so-good familial relationship, a supposedly interesting find from space found on Earth and other scientifically interesting things, Deception Point can be a very tiring read. Not only does it use too many scientific words and too many acronyms, the plot itself is very complicated.

I recommend this only to readers who are unafraid of big words and complicated heart-turning plots. You think the story is going one way, then suddenly it goes the opposite way. Deception Point is full of surprises, for readers who are unafraid to challenge themselves. It is also comes highly recommended to sci-fi enthusiasts and people besotted with political and scientific intrigues. At the same time though, the book can become frustrating, and can lead readers to discontinue reading it.

This book received this rating because despite it having a wonderfully surprising and unique plot, during many times within the story, it dragged the reader on to the point of exhaustion.


Pride and Prejudice Sequels, desired.

Recently, my mom purchased for me one of the many “sequels” of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice classic. Entitled Mr Darcy takes a wife by Linda Berdoll, it aims to give readers the possible world beyond what Jane Austen has written for her characters. Logically speaking, it is what one would call a fanfiction. I am really looking forward to reading not only this book, but the rest of the sequels that various other authors have to offer.

I am quite the Pride and Prejudice fan. But in all honesty, my love for the story stemmed originally from the 2005 movie adaptation of the book, starring Keira Knightley as its Elizabeth Bennet. But based on how I’ve seen books and its movie adaptations, I’ve always been inclined to love the original books rather than the movie itself. I am not quite sure if I can say the same for this for I so dearly love the movie, but I am willing to give it a chance. Now that I have a better oppurtunity to appreciate the book, I have plans on really reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice book. Only afterwards will I take the time to read the various sequels.

Actually, I’ve convinced myself so much that I want it, that most of my money is geared towards saving up for the rest of the sequels. Since I have a bunch of books (non Pride and Prejudice-related) that I have yet to read (such as Anne Rice, romance novels and the like..), I don’t think I’ll be buying the rest of the sequels anytime soon. Probably around October. But, as soon as I read each book, I plan on giving reviews for you readers, so you can see which books are worth reading.

I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the books, and reviewing them.

Here are some of the other sequels by either the same or different other authors that I have found:

1. Two shall become One: Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan

2. Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange

3. Mr Darcy’s Daughters: A Novel by Elizabeth Aston

4. North by Northanger, or the Shades of Pemberley: A Mr and Mrs Darcy Mystery by Carrie Bebris

5. Suspense and Sensibility, or First Impressions Revisited: A Mr and Mrs Darcy Mystery by Carrie Bebris

6. These Three Remain: A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman by Pamela Aidan

7. Mr Darcy Presents His Bride: A sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Helen Halstead

8. Darcy and Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley by Linda Berdoll

9. Darcy’s and the Bingleys: A Tale of Two Gentlemen’s Marriages to Two Most Devoted Sisters by Marsha Altman

10. Darcy’s Passions by Regina Jeffers

11. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One by Sharon Lathan

12. Letters from Pemberley: The First Year by Jane Dawkins

More here.

My reviews:

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

2. My Darcy Presents His Bride by Helen Halstead


Book Review: Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin

Review on: Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin

Rating: 4/5

Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin, is a chick’s book. Yes, it basically talks about some of the things women think about, and delves deeply into the woman’s state of mind. What are her thoughts and opinions about certain issues and such are tackled in this book. It’s a book that delves into many issues regarding the female sex, including moral issues, friendship, love, life and dreams.

What’s great about this book is that it chooses to tackle the reality that not all friends have the same way of thinking, and many people share various opinions on a certain one topic. Also, it manages to bring out the reality regarding the depth of friendship any number of people may share with one another.

Six Reasons To Stay a Virgin is the kind of book that you share with your friends. It manages to remind us that peer pressure isn’t the only way to go. The most important issue for me in this book is how the main character values her virginity. Despite the respites and opinions of other people, especially her friends, she does what she has to do to prove them wrong about sex. For her, sex is sacred and this book basically tackles the reasons why she doesn’t go on a sex rampage despite her friends opinions about her morals.

Also, as a teenager, there is one thing I found most endearing about this book. The  reality of losing oneself to the point that you don’t realize that the person who loves you the most has been right beside you all along. It’s a reality that many of us face in our lives and this book not only outlines but basically points it out to the reader.

For some, the book can be quite boring because the story’s plot can be pretty obvious. But there’s just something about the dialogue between the characters that makes this book such a good read. It’s a book that touches the heart, mind and soul, espeicially in the presence of such a modern society with its modern ways of thinking. This book gives us a lot of things to think about.


Book Review: The Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada book

Review on: The Devil Wears Prada

Rating: 4.5/5


It was a very beautiful book, a far cry from the plot of the movie version. It was chic, fashionable and gave a very good insight on how people in New York, or in the fashion industry might be living. Aside from that, the book was great because it gave very detailed details on even the small things, such as clothes or venues or events that took place in the story.

Just fantastic!

I think that the only problem with the book is that due to the meticulous detail given to explaining everything, some parts of the book can get a tad bit boring, especially if all that’s being talked about are simply explanations to very simple matters within the story. Also, if one is not familiar with some fashion terms, there may be some difficulty in understanding what the author is talking about.

Also, despite the fact that there are similarities between that and the movie version, there are a lot more differences than there are similarities. The movie of course had it’s visual pros as compared to the book, because you can see how beautiful and astonishing the fashion world really is. Yet, I would much rather prefer the book because it gave the viewer a more in-depth look into the fashion world that the main character was living in, and it gave a much more detailed explanation without leaving the reader hanging.

Of course as in all movie adaptations, there are many things that have to be cropped out to save on money and time. This is why I usually prefer reading the books first before I watch the movie. And the reason why I usually prefer the book to the movie adaptations.

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