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Eyes of an Innocent ©toki88

Unaware of what lies ahead,
we choose what we perceive
to be the better of both worlds.
As compared to adulthood,
children have the unfair advantage…
or so they claim.
And thus we reach into the unknown,
the world of reality,
of independence,
of responsibility,
of pressure,
of failure.
Never to return to ignorant lives.
No longer
the eyes of an innocent.

poem written by me © Christa Uymatiao 2007,

Tell me, do you believe that children yearn to grow up so fast, and in doing so, quickly lose the innocence of their youth? I believe it to be true. Children yearn for the things that only adults can do, things adults tell them they cannot do until they are older. In that sense, it is the fault of adults who inspire in young children, thoughts of growing up fast so that they may supposedly have things that they couldn’t have as children. It’s sad isn’t it.

That’s probably why Peter Pan never wished to grow up. Being a kid, is the best time in one’s life. Children get to imagine things without end, are able to think beyond limitations, and are able to dream beyond boundaries. Children are able to do the impossible, and are able to dream the impossible. For children, everything can be done, and nothing is impossible. It sort of reminds me of this episode on Star Trek Voyager ( if I recall correctly) that talked of a race that grew up in an opposite manner. Meaning, the young ones were born into old bodies, and the older they get, the younger their bodies become. It actually comes out as a sort of ironic truth behind life. We try to get older too quickly that we forget our youth too quickly at times, but then we reach a certain point in our lives that we try to get back to our youth, as if we are children once again.

It’s quite funny really.

What do you think?

The Doll(dalera)

What lies behind the mask of a doll, kept sheltered and propped against the shelf wall. Beautiful and untouched for all to see, she comes unmasked in beautiful glory.

The Doll behind the mask

A fresh university graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University who loves to write stories, articles and poetry. Enjoys reading books - mostly fiction, and loves to play video games.

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