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Another episode down, one more to come

Episode Two of Mad Mad Fun turned out to be another starting success. Featuring Ateneo’s own budding artist and famous photographer, Tricia Gosingtian – who was also featured in one of my previous articles. Tricia spoke without hesitation nor fear as she continued with the video interview on primetime television. Even the added plug-in of her much visited website was an icing at the end of a wonderful interview. Congratulations to another Atenean kawaii girl.

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The Doll(dalera)

What lies behind the mask of a doll, kept sheltered and propped against the shelf wall. Beautiful and untouched for all to see, she comes unmasked in beautiful glory.

The Doll behind the mask

A fresh university graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University who loves to write stories, articles and poetry. Enjoys reading books - mostly fiction, and loves to play video games.

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