For me, it’s the ultimate stress reliever to another busy day. Nothing beats plopping one’s self in front of a laptop to write about the important things that have happened during the day/s or week, or writing an inspired poem to top off the day with an artistic flair.

At present I’m an unemployed dreamer who is now looking for work after having lived in China for a little over two years. I’ve been a writer practically my whole life, but I only started writing professionally – not including those children’s’ stories I used to write in early elementary – when I was in 7th grade, at my school’s newspaper publication. When I was in my 3rd and 4th year of high school, I became an editor for my school paper which was proof of how much my writing had improved from my childhood years. In college, I wrote for the official publication of my organization and also became an editor for our college graduation yearbook.

WordPress, is another of my blogs. I’ve tried out Xanga, Tabulas, Blogspot and Livejournal, with the latter being my oldest and most personal. Besides my livejournal which talks about things I’ve experienced – mostly delving deep into my personal life and experiences, my other wordpressblog (thechinadoll) is my public personal blog which is more BLAH and filled with whatever strikes my fancy.

I’m turning 25 this year, and am no longer a teenager. I hope that this blog will continue to pave the way for me to become a a better writer, who hopes to understand herself and the world through books and everyday life.

Dresden Doll is the name that my lola (maternal grandmother) gave to me when I was a child, which stemmed mostly from my very doll like Chinese-features which I inherited from my father. I use that name now because it reminds me of how much of a child I am deep inside, but also because like the mask that a doll has, I wish to unmask myself and prove to the world that despite what people think of me – I am not someone who should be belittled.

4 Responses to “The Dresden Doll”

  1. 1 maAkusutipen
    April 29, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Hiya.. lol.. his is for dolldalera/// i cannot reach you via facebook now.. so im leaving a message in your blog… Lol sorry about this… but im doing this from work… LOL… anyweis.. is dokissaten still alive?

    want to try out as a butler.. lol and I have a friend who wants to be a maid..

    we’re the same age… lol so a bit older than the usual applicants.. LOL..

    also i have questions on cosplaying… is there a shop I can like rent shoes.. LOL i don’t want to buy things say red hi top sneaks/trainers coz they are expensive and really are not my style but they are needed for a certain character i want to cosplay.. Hope to hear from you soon..

    by the way… keep up this wonderful site.. though I am tangentially part of your target… i still find things to read here.. hehehe

    • April 29, 2010 at 6:33 pm

      Please do not contact me on facebook. That is for my personal use and I’d much rather prefer if you contact me wither via my blog or via my blog email.

      As to your question, yes, Dokissaten is very much alive though I haven’t been participating in it since last year. If you wish to apply, kindly refer to the multiply site – http://dokissaten.multiply.com/ for inquiries. I don’t know if the crew is still welcoming applicants but you can always ask.

      A shop where you rent shoes. Hm. I don’t think I’ve heard of a shop that rents shoes, unless they’re really decked out cosplay shoes. Haha. For cheap shoes, maybe you can canvass at the tiangge or 168 or Divisoria. They usually have shoes there that go for much cheaper. Plus it’s more hygienic, AND you can always re-use the shoes for future cosplays. And getting your own shoes means you can customize it, since you probably can’t customize rentable shoes.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      Thank you, thank you. I don’t update anymore cosplay-related stuff here though. But thanks for the compliment.

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The Doll(dalera)

What lies behind the mask of a doll, kept sheltered and propped against the shelf wall. Beautiful and untouched for all to see, she comes unmasked in beautiful glory.

The Doll behind the mask

A fresh university graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University who loves to write stories, articles and poetry. Enjoys reading books - mostly fiction, and loves to play video games.

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